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Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is here once again now its time to shape up and prepare for the summer!

tip #1 get rid of old cleaning chemicals you've been holding on too long because after 6 months from being opened they usually aren't that effective against germs and bacterias we deal with daily. tip #2 change that old faithful filter on your vacuum to better provide a healthier air quality within your home we recommend to change the filter at least 3 times per year. Tip #3 Deep clean/shampoo all carpets to remove all bacterias from the winter remember health is wealth we recommend carpet extraction at least twice per year. finally tip #4 use microfiber cleaning towels when cleaning different surfaces but the key is to use different colors for different chemicals. for example use blue towels for glass and green towels for furniture/tables etc. use yellow towels for stainless and so on. this will prevent cross contamination of chemicals which will stop those crazy smudges on our mirrors, and maximize the usage of our chemicals supporting the theory of a penny saved is a penny earned.

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